Product introduction :

RSVP FLOORING (Rigid Core LVP) is an upgrade and improvement of regular luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). The primary core material is SPC which is a very stable composite material. 

RSPV flooring is considered the new generation of vinyl floor covering. It features: extreme stability, high performance, is completely water-proof, has a high density solid core and very good indentation resistance. RSVP flooring can be easily installed on most types of subfloors, including concrete, ceramic or existing flooring.

Product Structure :
Main Performance :

Abrasion resistant

Impact resistant




Fire resistant

RSVP spec. :
Thickness of wear layer(mm):0.3/0.5/0.55/0.7
UV coating:anti-scratch coating/anti-microbial coating / stain- resistant coating / slip resistance coating R10